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Solutions in the field of automation, control, visualization, and data transmission

INDAS Automation doo is a company founded in 2013 in Novi Sad, which operates as part of the INDAS group. INDAS Automation was founded with the aim of migrating the business that had been developing very successfully within the engineering department of INDAS doo Novi Sad (which has existed since 1992) to a separate company.

The engineering department of INDAS, and later the company INDAS Automation, has gained a reputation as a highly professional and reliable partner, which provides customers with a comprehensive and unique solution, meeting the specific requirements of each user. INDAS Automation provides solutions in the field of automation, control, visualization, and data transmission, which includes:

  • Measurement and regulation technics
  • PLC controllers
  • SCADA systems
  • Management, remote monitoring, and data transmission

INDAS Automation provides engineering services ranging from consulting, designing, development and delivery of control cabinets, through the development of application software (development of PLC, PANEL and SCADA software) to commissioning, user training and regular system maintenance.

By applying reliable “know-how” solutions, which we came to by working on numerous projects related to industrial process management, as well as the use of equipment from renowned global manufacturers, INDAS Automation is the ” The number one assistant” and indispensable business partner to industrial companies in Serbia, in the region, as well as to many companies from abroad. We are aware that our success depends on the success of our customers. Therefore, all activities of INDAS Automation are based on achieving the goals of our clients.

To provide professional services, the selection and procurement of the highest quality equipment for the development of automatic control systems, INDAS Automation cooperates with world-renowned manufacturers. Long-standing and largest suppliers are Siemens, Danfoss, Copa Data, AZ Pneumatica, Schrack, Nivelco, Rittal, etc. We have also established an official partnership with many suppliers, such as Siemens.

INDAS Automation is the official Siemens automation Solution Partner. Also, INDAS Automation is the official Copa Data (Zenon) Silver Partner.

Siemens Solution Partner
Siemens Solution Partner
COPADATA Silver Partner
ISO 9001:2015

INDAS Automation is a team of experienced electrical engineers, automation, mechanical engineers, service technicians and electrical technicians. Our engineers have licenses to design and perform field work. Also, INDAS Automation takes care of the continuous education of its employees who attend numerous trainings, seminars and attend international fairs, to be up to date with the latest technological achievements in the field of automation in the industry. Also, INDAS Automation has in-house support services that, in terms of providing the best possible service to customers, work on projects together with a team of top engineers. We have our own logistics, transport, finance, legal service, a warehouse with a large stock of equipment that we use and install on projects.

Our goal is to create energy-efficient processes by automating the system, which will optimally use raw materials and energy, exploit machines and systems. Through these processes, through improved working conditions, increased reliability, and reduced system maintenance costs, we directly contribute to the sustainable development of the industry while preserving the environment.


ECS licenses held by INDAS Automation engineers

  • License 350 – responsible designer of low and medium voltage electrical installations
  • License 352 – responsible designer of electric motor drive control – automation, measurements, and regulation
  • License 353 – responsible designer of telecommunication networks and systems
  • License 333 – responsible designer of vehicles, warehouses and mechanical structures and technology
  • License 450 – responsible contractor of low and medium voltage electrical installations
  • License 453 – responsible contractor of telecommunication networks and systems
  • License 434 – responsible contractor of means of transport, storage and mechanical structures and technology


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Opšti dokumenti 30/09/2020
Opšti dokumenti 30/09/2020