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Services in the field of automation, measurement, control, and regulation in industry

For the equipment to work efficiently, precisely, and permanently, it is necessary to be well selected, installed, and put into operation. In addition, each system gives its maximum if it is used by trained users and if it is properly maintained.

That is why INDAS Automation strives to provide services of the same quality with high-quality equipment, which enable automatic control systems to be built according to the user, the requirements of the specific application and the environment.

The expert team of INDAS Automation is qualified to provide a wide range of services in the field of automation, measurement, control, and regulation in the industry.

Combining the client’s knowledge of his production process and our knowledge of instrumentation and control, we apply efficient engineering solutions ensuring that the system performs the desired task with easy handling and maintenance.


A team of engineers available to customers at all stages of the automation process

INDAS’s team of engineers is available to users at all stages of process automation: from consultations during the planning of the introduction of new systems, optimization of technological processes, the definition of technical solutions for automation of individual parts and processes as a whole, the selection of equipment most suitable for particular applications, integration with others systems, to system execution, proper installation and commissioning.

Consulting includes

  • analysis of the existing situation, defining the structure and function of the system
  • selection of the optimal technical solution for a specific application and the specific user
  • selection of equipment and components of the controlling system according to the actual needs and specific purpose
  • choosing the proper mode in which the new system will fit with the existing components

INDAS provides technical support to users during system implementation and after its commissioning.

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Experience, training, compliance with standards


INDAS’s knowledge, many years’ experience, continuous training, technical equipment, modern software packages, while respecting the specific requirements of each client, enable the implementation of complex projects in the field of automation in various industries, with the development of technical documentation in all project phases according to international standards.

Licensed designers, modern methods of development and design, original methods and models, the use of modern equipment and new technologies guarantee a high level and quality of executed projects and their relevance in light of the latest technical and technological achievements in the world and longevity of investment.

Electrical systems

The design of the automatic control system with the design of low voltage electrical installations includes the choice of electrical equipment, the choice of applied technical solutions, as well as the design of electrical connections of all elements of the automation system (propulsion, metering-regulating, supervisory-control, communication).

Mechanical Installations

Design of pneumatic systems, hydro-mechanical installations, installation of thermal processing systems, as well as development of mechanical components and devices per client’s request, or for the needs of projects.

Execution of work

Execution of works in the field of automation, metering, and regulation in industry

Execution of works in the field of automation, metering and regulation in industry is a very important step in the implementation of the system. The equipment produces maximum results only when it is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, when quality materials and accessories are used for its installation and when it is properly adjusted and put into operation by qualified and trained professionals.

INDAS pays great attention to this segment of activities, in which it provides its customers with a wide range of services from commissioning equipment, installation and connection of equipment to users, assembly and delivery of fully tested control cabinets with electrical and / or pneumatic equipment, construction of parts or entire systems automatic control either according to the existing project or according to the “turnkey” principle.

Execution of works includes production and installation of mechanical, electrical and telecommunication equipment as well as application software. It also covers testing and commissioning of equipment and integration of entire systems. Finally, with each derived segment, the derived condition documentation is handed over to the user.

Mechanical Works

Production of hydraulic and pneumatic installations, production of tire control cabinets, mechanical installation of sensors and other equipment, production of machine parts in accordance with the specific needs of users.

Electrical Works

Production of low voltage and control installations, assembly of control cabinets, installation, connection, programming, adjustment, and commissioning of equipment.


Implementation of telecommunication network and data transmission systems using various telecommunication technologies (cable connections, radio connections, GSM, LAN, WLAN).

Application Software

PLC, HMI, SCADA, DCS systems

Many years of experience in various fields of industry enables the accelerated development of new applications with constructive proposals for the improvement of individual functions, subsystems, and systems as a whole. Continuous training and development of professional staff for the use of software tools ensures the development of applications in the most up-to-date tools and the latest standards.

INDAS is in continuous efforts in the development of its standard program modules, blocks, forms and graphic presentations, in order to achieve safer and faster achievement of all system functions: supervisory, operational and security. Commissioning the system around the world is a very important experience that guarantees the execution of works in the shortest possible time and with the highest quality.

Experiences gained in various industries, combined in one place, provide the user with easy communication with implementers, but also safe and certain achievement of optimal results.

Communication with the user during the development of applications and commissioning of the system, provides customization of the application to the client as well as finding solutions to problems that may arise during the commissioning and / or operation of the system.


Professional staff has certificates for working with PLC, HMI, SCADA and DCS systems:

  • Siemens (PCS7, WinCC OA, WinCC, TIA Portal, STEP7, Safety systems, Networking …)
  • Beckhoff (TwinCAT)
  • Zenon by COPA-DATA
  • Schneider Electric (SoMachine)

The development of applications for monitoring and control systems is not limited to these systems, as our experienced engineers have the knowledge and practice in using other development tools and equipment.

Mechanical Works

Execution of works of designing, construction, and reconstruction of the plants

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In most industrial plants, the efficiency and reliability of production and the quality of the final product directly depend on mechanical installations and equipment. When planning the construction, upgrade or reconstruction of a production plant in any industry, the correct choice of technical solutions, selection and proper installation of equipment, as well as the execution of installations are of primary importance.

All materials must be suitable for use in a specific process, with a specific product and in specific conditions, and all dimensions, materials, equipment, and accessories must comply with the standards.

INDAS designs, reconstructs, and manufactures plants in the following areas:

  • Water and wastewater
  • Irrigation systems
  • Food industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Ventilation systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Heating and cooling with heat pumps
  • CIP systems
  • Construction and reconstruction of pipelines
  • Pumping stations for various media and purposes
  • Flow-meter calibration and rapid calibration systems
  • Gas stations
  • Autoclaves
  • Piping systems and equipment for distribution of low and high pressure compressed air
  • Pneumatic systems


Supervision of the execution of works

In cases when the automatic control system is implemented simultaneously with other works, it is rational to entrust the execution of parts of the system to the contractors of those works. Very often, the user has the desire to employ their own capacities for the realization of parts of the automatic control system, which means that his staff is trained in parallel to use and maintain new equipment and automatic control systems.

The common goal of all parties involved in the implementation of the project is that all works are performed with quality, professionally, in accordance with the project documentation and in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the manufacturers of individual system components.

To ensure that this common goal is achieved, INDAS provides a service to supervise the execution of such works, while providing technical advice and reporting on the quality and quantity of work performed.


User Training

Training and development of users’ staff is the key to efficient exploitation of the system

The success of the implementation of the custom-made automatic control system largely depends on the user’s active participation in all phases of project implementation.

INDAS strives to continue the cooperation with users to the mutual satisfaction. The safety and reliability of the implemented solutions is greatly enhanced by the high-quality training of the personnel who use or maintain the system.

Training and education of user personnel is performed through application of state-of-the-art knowledge and achievements, and it refers to the correct use and always possible innovation of the delivered automatic control systems.

For all equipment it supplies, INDAS provides training at all stages of project implementation. For designers, INDAS offers training for the application of all types of equipment from the delivery program, transfer of own and manufacturers’ experiences and practical solution of the most common problems.

INDAS offers contractors practical training in the application of the delivered equipment in system implementation, installation, and commissioning.

Complete training for users to work with equipment and systems supplied by INDAS is available to users, before, during and after the implementation of projects. The training is organized in our own specialized classroom, but also at the user’s facility.

Service and maintenance

Preventive and emergency servicing and maintenance


In industrial plants, production downtime results in a reduction in plant profitability and an increase in production costs.

Therefore, INDAS pays a lot of attention to this segment of work and activities and helps its users to locate the cause of the failure or downtime as quickly as possible, as well as to eliminate the failure in the shortest possible time.

Service interventions are performed by trained specialists, whose many years of experience and technical equipment, as well as a large stock of spare parts enable them to quickly and efficiently discover the cause of the problem and to eliminate malfunctions and downtime in the shortest possible time. All services are performed in accordance with standards, regulations and in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of system components.