NIS A.D. – Novi Sad collection and burning of fluids in the plant for the preparation and transportation of oil and gas in the plant “Piting” Elemir – Torch


  • Increasing industrial safety
  • Reduction of environmental incidents
  • Product loss and reduced plant efficiency and process fluid losses
  • Return of collected fluids in the processing process
  • Burning everything in accordance with the legal regulations of the protective environment


  • Selection and installation of a high torch with complete accompanying equipment based on a technological and mechanical project for the safe operation of the plant
  • Selection and installation of measurement, regulation and safety equipment for proper and safe functioning of the system
  • Installation of a system for separating liquid fluids from process and storage vessels with a collector from open drainage to a new vessel for collecting drainage fluids
  • Installation of the gas phase drainage system
  • Installation of liquid phase drainage system
  • Installation of drainage valve systems on intake manifolds
  • Installation of electric drives for safe operation
  • Installation of the burner ignition system
  • Installation for monitoring system
  • Installation of security systems


  • Reduction of emissions of hydrocarbon gases produced by combustion
  • Returning the liquid hydrocarbon phase to the process (economical)
  • Draining the gas phase to a high flame significantly reduces the risk of fire (safety)
  • Manually controlled valves, which are connected to the collector of the high torch, are used to adjust the process parameters and vent the equipment before overhaul.
  • High reliability in the operation of the entire production of LPG due to blockage of the output from the equipment, interruption of instrumental air and failure of measurement and regulation equipment, interruption of electricity, interruption of circulating cooling water, change in the quality of fuel gas, damage to the inlet or outlet gas pipeline MG 01 JP Srbija gas, stoppages and the initiation of process cleaning as well as the preparation of process equipment and installations for overhaul activities