Water Supply

Water is a precious resource – but it can’t be taken for granted. Climate change, and the more extreme weather that comes with it, means that water supply is becoming more unpredictable than in years gone by. The time we live in will be determined by efforts to save energy and produce enough drinking water. Only by rational consumption of water supplies and rational processing, distribution, and consumption, we will ensure that there is enough water for everyone.

As a result of many years of experience in the field of process automation in water supply, INDAS Automation can efficiently and quickly realize the requirements of users and provide optimal solutions to the problems in this area. INDAS Automation has implemented various systems (from the installation of individual metering and control equipment to the implementation of complete automatic control systems) with a wide range of services (from designing, execution, to turnkey implementation), and has deployed water supply projects worldwide.

Our vast experience, knowledge, and high proficiency in the water supply field is reflected in the numerous solutions we provide:

  • Automation of water treatment plants and water treatment systems
  • Automatic control systems for horizontal, drainage and vertical, tubular wells
  • Automatic control systems for the entire wellspring
  • Automatic control systems for open / closed sand / carbon filters
  • Automatic control systems for pumping stations with tanks
  • Metering, telemetry, and SCADA systems for distribution networks – measuring zones
  • Remote monitoring and facility management systems in the distribution network
  • Automation of water supply systems for the needs of industrial plants

Business Partners

JKP „Vodovod i kanalizacija“ – Novi Sad JKP „Beogradski vodovod i kanalizacija“ – Beograd JKP „Naissus“ – Niš JKP „Vodovod i kanalizacija“ – Kragujevac JP „Vodovod i kanalizacija“ – Skopje „Vodovod“ AD – Banja Luka „Vodokanal“ – Sankt Petersburg JKP „Vodovod i kanalizacija“ – Zrenjanin JVP „Vode Vojvodine“ – Novi Sad JP „Vodovod i kanalizacija“ – Pirot JKP „Vodovod“ – Leskovac JKP „Vodovod i kanalizacija“ – Prilep Potiski Vodovodi – Horgoš JKSP – Senta JKP „Standard“ – Knjaževac IM Carnex – Vrbas CWG Balkan / Sojaprotein AD– Bečej SADE Azerbaijan / Shabran i Siyezen– Azerbaijan Ludwig Pfeiffer GmbH / Calueque – Angola