Food and Beverages
Water Supply
Oil and Gas

Food and beverage industry

Modernizing and optimizing production processes

prehrambena-industrija-automatizacijaFrom the processing of basic ingredients and raw materials to the packaging of finished products, the food and beverage industry requires reliable, precise, and flexible automation and control of the production process in all its phases. Food and beverage manufacturers are expected to deliver the same high-quality products for different batch sizes and product types. At the same time, stocks need to be kept as low as possible. Requirements for energy savings and constant care and attention for the preservation of the environment are in the constant focus of the management of industrial plants. Such expectations require advanced automation solutions.

INDAS has many years of experience in providing automation services in food and beverage production. We provide food and beverage manufacturers with management systems designed to optimize production processes, increase productivity, and improve production quality, while achieving savings in raw materials and energy.

Our experience in the food and beverage production process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Automation of individual machines, plant parts and production lines (autoclaves, dryers, production lines, filling lines, pump and compressor stations, refrigeration, heating systems…)
  • Retrofit of plants’ control systems with equipment that has expired
  • Process plant automation
  • Control and management of energy consumption
  • Optimization of transport lines to save energy and increase efficiency
  • Monitoring the efficiency of production lines, line downtime analysis and reporting
  • Implementation of modern and advanced safety systems of machines and plants
  • Sanitary water heating systems
  • Systems for calculating material losses in production
  • Reliability analysis of existing control systems and their modernization

Water Supply

Years of experience in the field of process automation in water supply

Instalacija sistema automatskog urpavljanja radom pumpnih stanice za punjenje rezervoara

The century we live in will be characterized by efforts to save energy and produce enough drinking water. Only by rational consumption of supplies and rational processing, distribution, and consumption of water, we will ensure that there is enough water for everyone.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of process automation in water supply, INDAS can quickly realize the requirements of users and provide optimal solutions to the problems in this area. INDAS has implemented various systems by scope (from the installation of individual metering and control equipment to the implementation of complete automatic control systems) in almost all parts of the system and with a wide range of services (from design, execution, to turnkey implementation).

  • Automation of water treatment plants and water treatment systems
  • Automatic control systems for horizontal, drainage and vertical, tubular wells
  • Automatic control systems for the entire wellspring
  • Automatic control systems for open / closed sand / carbon filters
  • Automatic control systems for pumping stations with tanks
  • Metering, telemetry, and SCADA systems for distribution networks – measuring zones
  • Remote monitoring and facility management systems in the distribution network
  • Automation of water supply systems for the needs of industrial plants


Preservation of the environment and natural resources

tretman otpadnih voda

Preservation of the environment and natural resources, as well as energy efficiency are at the forefront when considering wastewater treatment. Measurement, control, regulation, and automation of the process represent a safe way to achieve the desired effects and reliable operation of the plant. Due to the specific conditions in which the equipment must operate, in addition to technical solutions, the right choice of equipment is also very important.

 Below are some of the applications for which INDAS has the knowledge and ability to offer solutions:

  • Automation of wastewater treatment plants
  • Automation of sewage pumping stations
  • Remote control and monitoring of sewage system facilities
  • Measurement of wastewater flow in open canals
  • Measurement of wastewater flow in pipelines
  • Control and regulation of pumping plants
  • Measurement of various wastewater quality parameters

Oil and Gas

Years of experience in various projects in the oil and gas industry

The oil and gas production and refining sector are seeing the benefits of automation in ensuring stable, economical, and safe production.

The specificity of the end-product of this industry often introduces different needs and imperatives of companies that operates in this field, and therefore the automation solutions that are implemented also very often have their own specifics.

Through years of experience in various projects in the oil and gas industry, INDAS has become aware with these specifics and therefore adapts its solutions to the needs of each individual user.

INDAS has experience, knowledge, and expertise in the field of oil and gas, and can offer its services in projects such as:

  • Well automation with artificial-lift oil and gas pumping methods
  • Telemetry and remote-control systems for oil wells
  • Telemetry and remote-control systems for gas and oil pipelines
  • Automation of process facilities in oil and gas production and refining (refineries)


Increasing productivity, unifying quality, optimizing resources

Regardless of which industry is in question, the modern market puts before the producers tasks that are reflected in increasing productivity, unifying quality, optimizing resources, reducing the number and length of downtimes, as well as energy savings and protection of the human environment.

It is the automation of production plants that enables optimizations in production processes at all levels, and that the quality of the final product depends as little as possible on subjective human assessments. Metering, regulation, and management are necessary in all industry branches and in all parts of production processes.

Respecting the specifics of requirements in certain branches of industry (food industry, Ex Zones…) on the one hand, INDAS incorporates standardized technical solutions using standard components of industrial automation but in specific designs for specific working conditions.

Just as each industry is specific in terms of the requirements set for equipment and systems, so each application of measurement, control and regulation is specific in terms of the applied technical solution, equipment, and scope.