Oil and Gas

To meet the growing demand for energy, oil and gas companies are looking to increase exploration and production while containing operational costs. They have to optimize production systems, focus on technology innovation, and continue to improve safety and environmental performance.

Renewables, the environment, regulatory pressures, technology disruption, and a new generation of consumers are irrevocably changing the industry. Oil and gas companies have to do even more around their assets, operations, people, and technology to stay competitive and thrive.

As a focused engineering and services company, INDAS Automation provides engineering solutions and turnkey services across the entire spectrum of the oil and gas value chain. Our expertise in plant and product engineering and technology helps our customers strengthen their operations, improve equipment performance, and manage their assets better. The work we do translates into higher reliability, safety, productivity, and cost efficiencies for our customers.

Projects and solutions that INDAS Automation can provide in the field of oil and gas industry:

  • Well automation with artificial-lift oil and gas pumping methods
  • Telemetry and remote-control systems for oil wells
  • Telemetry and remote-control systems for gas and oil pipelines
  • Automation of process facilities in oil and gas production and refining (refineries)