Control system for feeding leading machine with bottles in single even line. Preventing the downtime due to fallen or misaligned bottles, bottle jams and presure.

A beverage line’s performance depends on all of its components. Because even the fastest filler can perform to its full potential only if everything between has also been properly optimised. Just as important in filling process is the transportation of the necessary bottles to and from the filler.

In modern filling lines, the bottle conveyor is responsible for the continuous supply of bottles. Our GlideLiner solution for reducing the bottles into one even line supports you with a high level of flexibility and precision within the conveyor line. As GlideLiner is always customized for each particular conveyor line and conditions at the production site, it enables to achieve maximum system performance while at the same time minimizing machine stoppages operation. Regardless of conveyor lines and mass flow of bottles, our GlideLiner system is the reliable solution that provides a smooth and constant production flow and the maximum operational flexibility.

The GlideLiner takes mass flow of bottles (4-5 rows) and reduces them to a single line, from the washing machine to the filler. At the same time, it brings an optimum speed of bottles so the filler can work continously, regardless of operating speed. Also, the pressure between the bottles during conveyor line is controlled in order to prevent bottle damage and bottle jams.

Concept solution control is implemented in two steps. At the first stage, a group of conveyors receive mass flow bottles arranged in several rows and reduce them to a single row so the belt inspection conveyor can perform control (JAM control – congestion control). At the second stage, group of conveyors are regulating the bottle presure at the filler inlet (GAP control – distance control).

The system has two operating modes: line filling and production.

The first, before starting production it is necessary to fill out the conveyors with bottles. The space between the filler and the sensor must be fulfiled with bottles.

The second is when the machine is stopped (the filler), the space between the filler and the sensor must be fulfiled with bottles again. Otherwise, during the restart of the filler, the error will occur and cause downtime.

GlideLiner Key Functionalities

  •  Function display and operation via touch-screen
  • Frequency control of all drives
  • Active back-up management via:
    • Continuous measurement of the capacity via sensors
    • Adjustment of the machine output to current capacities of the system
    • Dynamic adjustment of the conveyor speed depending on the extent to which the conveyor is filled


  • Harmony and efficiency in conveyor line

Our technology provides an undisturbed bottle flow, continuously high line efficiency and precise bottle transportation.

  • Intelligent connections

Continuous line control and signal exchange with other equipment provide an efficient overall operation.

  • Long service life

The rugged basic construction and a minimum requirement for maintenance ensure a long service life and a trouble-free function of the GlideLiner.

  • Quick installation and commissioning

Almost all of the components are already pre-assembled in INDAS Automation workshop. This ensures the GlideLiner is ready for operation within a very short time („plug and play“).