Execution of work

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Execution of works in the field of automation, metering, and regulation in the industry is a very important step in the implementation of the system. The equipment produces maximum results only when it is installed following the manufacturer’s recommendations, when quality materials and accessories are used for its installation, and when it is properly adjusted and put into operation by qualified and trained professionals.

INDAS Automation pays great attention to this segment of activities, in which it provides its customers with a wide range of services from commissioning equipment, installation and connection of equipment to users, assembly and delivery of fully tested control cabinets with electrical and/or pneumatic equipment, construction of parts or entire systems automatic control either according to the existing project or according to the “turnkey” principle.

Execution of works includes production and installation of mechanical, electrical, and telecommunication equipment as well as application software. It also covers testing and commissioning of equipment and integration of entire systems. Finally, with each derived segment, formed condition documentation is handed over to the user.


Mechanical works

Production of hydraulic and pneumatic installations, production of tire control cabinets, mechanical installation of sensors and other equipment, production of machine parts in accordance with the specific needs of users.


Electrical works

Production of low voltage and control installations, assembly of control cabinets, installation, connection, programming, adjustment, and commissioning of equipment.



Implementation of telecommunication network and data transmission systems using various telecommunication technologies (cable connections, radio connections, GSM, LAN, WLAN).