User training

Training is the key to efficient exploitation of the system

The success of the implementation of the custom-made automatic control system largely depends on the customer’s active participation in all phases of project implementation. The safety and reliability of the implemented solutions are greatly enhanced by the high-quality training of the personnel who use or maintain the system.

INDAS Automation provides training at all stages of the project implementation through applications of state-of-the-art knowledge and it refers to the proper usage of the delivered automatic control systems. For designers, INDAS Automation offers training for the application of all types of equipment from the delivery program, transfer of manufacturers’ experiences, its own experiences, and practical solutions to the most common problems. For contractors, INDAS Automation offers practical training for the application of the delivered equipment within system implementation, installation, and commissioning.

Complete training for equipment and systems supplied by INDAS Automation is available to customers before, during, and after the implementation of projects. The training is organized at our facility, in a specialized classroom, but can be also held at the end-users site.