A team of engineers available to customers at all stages of the automation process

INDAS’s team of engineers is available to users at all stages of process automation: from consultations during the planning of the introduction of new systems, optimization of technological processes, the definition of technical solutions for automation of individual parts and processes as a whole, the selection of equipment most suitable for particular applications, integration with others systems, to system execution, proper installation and commissioning.


How we partner:

Our experts will provide you with a deep analysis of the actual situation, defining the structure and system functionalities. Further, they will offer you the optimal technical solution and selection of equipment and components according to real needs.

Choosing the appropriate mode where the new automation system should fit with the existing components will ensure that the end-solution meets all standards in reliability, safety, and performance. Technical support to customers during system implementation and after its commissioning provides operational efficiency and creates a safe environment for users.

That all makes INDAS Automation a partner of choice for diverse industries.