Essential for life, clean water is one of the most important natural resources on the planet. Wastewater, which is basically used water, is also a valuable resource, especially with recurring droughts and water shortages in many areas of the world. However, wastewater contains many harmful substances and cannot be released back into the environment until it is treated. Thus, the importance of wastewater treatment is twofold: to restore the water supply and to protect the planet from toxins.

Water treatment facilities were designed to speed up the natural process of purifying water because the natural process is overloaded. These facilities are used to treat the wastewater in various ways and then send the purified water back into the environment.

Measurement, control, regulation, and automation of the process represent a safe way to achieve the desired effects and reliable operation of the water treatment facilities. Due to the specific conditions in which the equipment must operate, in addition to technical solutions, the right choice of equipment is also very important.

Below are some of the solutions that INDAS Automation has deployed for its customers:

  • Automation of wastewater treatment plants
  • Automation of sewage pumping stations
  • Remote control and monitoring of sewage system facilities
  • Measurement of wastewater flow in open canals
  • Measurement of wastewater flow in pipelines
  • Control and regulation of pumping plants
  • Measurement of various wastewater quality parameters

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