Automation of wastewater treatment plants in 5 settlements (Gavar, Martuni, Vardenis, Dilijan and Jermuk) in the vicinity of Lake Arpa Sevan, Armenia


  • Client needs to improve water quality in Lake Sevan, the largest freshwater lake in the Caucasus, at an altitude of 1,900 meters, and thus provide clean water for all users supplied by it
  • Implementation of a system of management and supervision of technological equipment for mechanical wastewater treatment that is fully in line with technological requirements and with the recommendations of the manufacturer of technological equipment (HUBER)
  • The need for the control system to be safe, reliable, long-lasting, easy to operate and to allow easy change of plant operating parameters


  • Design of electric distribution and automatic control systems for wastewater treatment plants, especially considering the technological requirements, zones endangered by explosive gases and the location of equipment regarding the place of occurrence of aggressive gases
  • The system is based on programmable logic controllers manufactured by SIEMENS, S7 type, ET200 and SIEMENS WINCC SCADA system software
  • Production of cabinets for electric motor drives (MCC) and control (PLC)
  • Development of application PLC and SCADA software strictly in accordance with the recommendations of equipment manufacturers and user needs
  • Commissioning of the system at all 5 locations


  • Reduction of pollution levels in Lake Sevan by separating mechanical impurities, sand, grease, and oil
  • Ensuring reliable and safe operation of the plant
  • Providing easy management and monitoring of plant operation
  • Metering the flow of wastewater discharged from the plant into the lake