We share our customers’ passion for engineering excellence

Customers across diverse industries turn to INDAS Automation to solve complex engineering challenges. Our knowledge, years of experience, continuous training, technical equipment, and modern software packages, while respecting the specific requirements of each customer, enable the implementation of complex projects in the field of automation in various industries, with the formation of technical documentation in all project phases, in accordance with international standards.

Licensed designers, advanced methods of development and design, original methods and models, usage of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, guarantee a high level and quality of executed projects and their relevance in the light of the latest technical and technological achievements in the world along with the return of the investment. By leveraging our extensive knowledge in design standards, processes and systems we offer a broad spectrum of services – from the design of automatic control systems to mechanical installation designing.


Electrical systems designing

The design of the automatic control system with the design of low voltage electrical installations includes the choice of electrical equipment, the choice of applied technical solutions, as well as the design of electrical connections of all elements of the automation system (propulsion, metering-regulating, supervisory-control, communication).


Mechanical installations designing

Mechanical engineering projects include designing of pneumatic systems, hydro-mechanical installations, installation of thermal processing systems, as well as the development of mechanical components and devices per client’s request, or for the needs of projects.