Mechanical works

Our integrated approach to manufacturing

The efficiency and reliability of production and the quality of the final product in plants directly depend on mechanical installations and equipment. When planning the construction, upgrade, or reconstruction of a production plant in any industry, the appropriate choice of technical solutions, selection and proper installation of equipment, as well as the execution of installations, are of key importance.

With a strong foundation in mechanical engineering design and industry-specific domain knowledge, we have delivered leading-edge engineering solutions across numerous industries and systems:


Our leading-edge engineering solutions:

  • water and wastewater
  • food industry
  • oil and gas industry
  • ventilation systems
  • cooling systems
  • heating and cooling with heat pumps
  • CIP systems
  • construction and reconstruction of pipelines
  • pumping stations for various media and purposes
  • flow-meter calibration and rapid calibration systems
  • gas stations
  • autoclaves
  • piping systems and equipment for distribution of low and high pressure compressed air
  • pneumatic systems