Public Utility Company Water-supply and Sewage Novi Sad: Modernization of the management system of wells at the springs Ratno ostrvo and Petrovaradinska ada


  • Impossibility to procure replacement components of existing PLC configurations, which may lead to disconnection of certain wells from the water supply system
  • Incompatibility of existing PLC configurations with newly installed reconstructed cabinets of electric motor drives on some wells
  • Slowed communication with sources as well as increasing the regular length of the source roll call cycle, which leads to data loss from other locations
  • Difficult operation of the water supply system in the period of increased seasonal consumption as well as at lower groundwater levels


  • Development of a project solution for a new control system and redundant communication
  • Development of a new application software for managing the operation of a complete source with combined control by level, flow, and pressure
  • Installation of new PLC controllers for local control of well operation
  • Installation of new master PLC controllers to control the operation of the complete source
  • Installation of new radio modems, WLL Access point devices, communication controllers for the realization of redundant communication using radio and WLL network
  • Modifications of existing SCADA application software at local source control centres as well as at the command centre of the water production plant
  • Commissioning of the complete system


  • Optimal management of water reserves and use of available capacities
  • Maximum utilization of source resources because all wells work equally loaded and their “aging” is uniform
  • Implementation of additional protection functions with protection of wells against overflow, against overpressure in the system and protection against pumps against operation outside operating curves
  • Development of a new supervisory control system with a visual display of the condition of equipment, wells, and springs as well as additional information: well depression, well yield, specific electricity consumption
  • Safe operation at low groundwater levels
  • Extended service life of springs, wells, pumps…
  • Elimination of the human factor in the management of the system
  • Increased reliability of water supply systems