Public Company Water-supply and Sewage Skopje: Installation of automatic control system by operation of pumping stations for filling tanks


  • The need for client to reduce electricity consumption costs
  • The need to optimize human resources in the maintenance service
  • Increasing the number and duration of unplanned downtimes
  • Increased maintenance costs


  • Development of electro-project for electric motors, control system, metering, and communication
  • Installation of a new cabinet for electric motor with frequency regulators and soft starters
  • Installation of new control cabinets with PLC controller and operator touch panel and communication equipment
  • Installation of equipment for measuring and detecting pressures and levels
  • Implementation of an optimized control algorithm that calculates the required capacity of the pumping station to meet the needs for water consumption


  • Electricity savings of 14.8% -21.9% by reducing line losses due to increased pressure drop on the discharge line at increased flows
  • Reducing the cost of engaged power and optimizing the ratio of electricity consumption in higher and lower tariffs
  • Easy start / stop of pumps and elimination of electric, mechanical, and hydraulic shocks in the system
  • Automatic compensation for the occurrence of daily and seasonal irregularities in consumption
  • The necessary variability of water in the tank is achieved
  • Increasing the quality of water supply because the tank is full when it is most needed
  • The pushing here is not interrupted without major disturbances in the water supply to the pumping station
  • Elimination of the impact of the operation of pumps and pumping stations on other consumers in the system
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs