Vodokanal of St.Petersburg: Automation of treatment plants


  • The need to increase water treatment capacity and the demand for drinking water
  • The need to improve the quality of treated water
  • Reduction of maintenance costs



  • Development of application software for redundant master PLCs, S7-417H
  • Development of application software for 49 PLCs S7-200 and S7-300
  • Development of application software for redundant SCADA servers iFIX4.5
  • Development of application software for 3 SCADA workstations with Video Wall for more efficient process monitoring
  • Configuration of redundant process database Proficy Historian
  • Configuration of the Proficy Portal Web server, for the purpose of access to the monitoring system from remote locations


  • Increasing water production and distribution capacity
  • Full insight into the condition of technological equipment, which in a timely manner provides the necessary information and insight to maintenance services about the possible need for intervention on the system
  • Modern balancing system that provides insight into the amount of processed water, own consumption, consumption of chemicals, dosed ozone, purified water from washing and treated sludge
  • Fully automated water treatment process without the need for operator intervention with the ability to change process parameters, process status analysis and flexible reporting
  • Elimination of the influence of the human factor in the process of water production and distribution
  • Increasing the quality of water supply and creating opportunities for improvement and optimization
  • Implemented safety policy that provides the ability to determine at any time the sequence of activities and operations undertaken in the production process
  • The parameters of water capacity and quality at the outlet of block K-6 are far above the parameters required by the terms of reference