Public Utility Company Water-supply and Sewage Novi Sad: Installation of flow and pressure measurement system, telemetry, and SCADA System


  • Reduction of losses in water distribution
  • Insight into the distribution, consumption, and condition of the water supply network
  • Increasing the number and duration of accidents on the distribution network
  • Increased costs of maintaining and hiring resources


  • Development of electrical project of telemetry cabinet with PLC controller and SCADA system
  • Development of PLC and SCADA application software
  • Installation of new cabinets with PLC controller, radio modem equipment for reception and transmission of measurements to SCADA system
  • Connection and commissioning of electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow meters and pressure meters
  • Communication equipment configuration
  • Commissioning of the system


  • Insight into the situation in the distribution network – unified measurements simultaneously in one place, display of events and alarm conditions
  • Insight into historical data, which enables subsequent analysis and improvement of the system
  • Optimal control of water supply system operation enabled
  • More reliable and improved operation of the water supply system
  • Rapid diagnostics in emergency situations
  • Possibility of very fast generation of necessary reports with historical data on measured values on the distribution network
  • Reduction of losses in the water supply system
  • Reduced costs of operation and maintenance of water supply systems