10 Sep 2021
Daigo, Japan

CHP plant, Daigo, Japan

Testing of the CHP facility for electricity production has been successfully completed. After commissioning and testing, the control system was delivered to the end-user.

The project in Daigo, Japan, was done in partnership with company GRE. Our team oversaw the complete CHP plant automation project.

The project included the complete design of the control system, production of control and MCC cabinets, delivery of required equipment, testing, and commissioning under the defined control algorithm. It also included the delivery of technical documentation and adequate user manuals.

Equipment such as Siemens S7-300 series controllers, and solutions such as two SCADA operator stations and one engineering station, fully met the expectations in terms of reliability and execution speed. This project was the largest and the most complex regarding PLC and SCADA applications implemented by our company.

The key for successful and long-term collaboration, as always, was our commitment and dedication to the project execution. The result was complete customer satisfaction, and this is our biggest reward in such projects.