23 Apr 2021
Banja Luka, BiH

EMS Solution, Banja Luka Brewery

Our solution, Efficiency Monitoring System, was set on the bottling line in Banja Luka Brewery, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The commissioning of the solution, the Efficiency Monitoring System (EMS) for the glass bottling line in Banja Luka Brewery, was completed. This solution was custom-made and is the smallest EMS we have ever done.

EMS processes only one machine, the charger. In this case, our solution provided the accuracy of detecting the cause of the congestion 100%!

The Efficiency Monitoring System is installed on one PC. The user can view all downtime on the line, any charger errors, alteration of the type of downtime, etc. Also, there are a variety of reports on losses and KPIs.

Commissioning and testing lasted a week and went smoothly.