02 Jun 2023
Novi Sad, Serbia

The Open Door event at Science and Technology Park Novi Sad

We had the privilege of participating in the annual Open Door Day event for the automation department at the prestigious Science and Technology Park Novi Sad. It was a day filled with knowledge-sharing and interactive demonstrations, showcasing the best of what INDAS Automation has to offer.
Amidst a vibrant atmosphere, our esteemed colleagues, Anđelija Petrović and Predrag Rajšić, took the stage to exhibit a small yet captivating segment of the automated process. Using a thoughtfully designed mock-up, they demonstrated the application for the pumping station and tank, leaving the audience in awe. The event sparked curiosity and enthusiasm among the attendees, resulting in an influx of insightful questions. With patience and expertise, Anđelija and Predrag answered every query and warmly invited the students to join our practical classes at INDAS Automation. It’s an incredible opportunity for aspiring automation professionals to gain real-world experience and enhance their skills.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Science and Technology Park Novi Sad for organizing this engaging event and providing a platform for industry professionals to share their expertise. INDAS Automation remains committed to fostering knowledge exchange and inspiring the next generation of automation leaders.