31 Mar 2021
Bluefields, Nicaragua

Water Treatment Plant, Bluefields, Nicaragua

With the commissioning, the project of automation control of the water treatment plant was completed.

The project included the complete design of the automation control system, the production of control cabinets, the delivery of control equipment, and the commissioning of the entire control system with the following documentation and user instructions.

The plant is supplied with raw water from the distant interruption chamber (30 km far-off) and a buffer tank (10 km far-off). Central PLC (S7-1200) communicates with remote locations via the local operator’s GPRS network.

The complete monitoring and control system is realized with Siemens SCADA system WinCC V7.5 with the possibility of remote access. The monitoring and control system enabled the maintenance staff to see the system status and manage it.

After the trial period, we obtained positive impressions of end-users for our project solution. This customer satisfaction is the basis for trust that we build through projects with all our partners.