BALL PACKAGING EUROPE – Zemun: System installation for clean tank coolant


  • Insufficient coolant system capacity
  • More frequent downtime of machines for system maintenance
  • Higher maintenance costs


  • Delivery and installation of 5m3 tank insulated with mineral wool
  • Distribution pumps (working and reserve) for coolant
  • Circulation pumps (working and reserve) for heating / cooling coolant in the tank
  • Heat exchangers for heating / cooling coolant
  • Three-legged control valves for hot and cold water installation
  • All necessary partition fittings on pipelines
  • Steel pipelines for connecting the new system with the existing system and for connecting all elements of the new system into a functional unit
  • Plastic pipelines for cold water installation


  • New system with two units, one for coolant reheating / cooling, and the other for coolant distribution to BM machines
  • Heating and cooling of the coolant during the first start-up of the system
  • Easier control of entire system