KOLUBARA – UNIVERZAL – Veliki Crljeni: Reconstruction of the control system of the production line for conveyor belts with steel cord


  • Outdated control system
  • Inefficiency of the system
  • Increasing the number and timing of unplanned downtimes
  • Expensive maintenance due to outdated equipment


  • Implementation of a new control system
  • Replacement of an old and deliver of a new instrumentation for measuring hydraulic pressure presses
  • Replacement of the old limit switches with new ones
  • Replacement of all Total stop buttons
  • Electrical project design of subject reconstruction
  • Assembly and delivery of new supply and control cabinets
  • Delivery of new PLC and SCADA control system


  • Modernization of the production line
  • System optimization
  • Greater reliability in the operation of the line
  • Fewer unplanned downtimes and therefore an increase in productivity
  • Quick response of technical support to possible work problems