Bambi: Replacement of Siemens S5 control system with Siemens S7-300 / 400 control system


  • The need of client to increase productivity, improve product quality and reduce production costs and maintenance
  • Increasing the maintenance budget from year to year
  • Too much time spent on corrective maintenance
  • Increasing the number and timing of unplanned downtimes
  • Finding more and more expensive spare parts and quality technical support


  • Designing based on agreed customer’s requirements
  • Replacement of the existing Siemens S5 control system with the Siemens S7-400 control system
  • Development of new application software for the S7-400 control system, all according to the technological requirements for managing production
  • Replacement of all 8 existing operator panels Ebelt BT12 and BT 1000 with Siemens panels TP177A and MP377, as well as creation of new application software for production visualization based on customer’s requirements
  • Creation of new control cabinets with complete replacement of existing automation equipment
  • Replacement of all existing drives on the line
  • Dismantling of existing signal, energy and communication cables
  • Installation of new signal, power and communication cables, with connection to control cables
  • Cabinets and equipment in the field


  • Modernization of the production line
  • Greater reliability in the operation of the line
  • Fewer unplanned downtimes and therefore an increase in productivity
  • More certain planning of preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Quick response of technical support to possible work problems
  • The possibility of purchasing spare parts in the following period of exploitation of the line