Breweries from the Molson Coors group (Zagreb Brewery, Borsodi Brewery, Apatin Brewery): Performance Management System


  • The capabilities of the existing monitoring system are limited
  • The existing system does not have the possibility of expansion and the necessary technical support
  • Reducing downtime of charging lines
  • The need for detailed detection of types of congestion
  • Automatic line efficiency calculation
  • The need for usable reports
  • Collection of all relevant information from the charging lines


  • Performance Management System design
  • Installation of required PB / PN modules for connection to machine controllers on charging lines
  • Installation of a central PLC system for communication with machines
  • SCADA / Reporting software installation
  • Development of application software for SCADA and PLC according to Weihenstephan standard (WS)
  • Creating WEB based reports that are available to everyone in the corporation


  • Reducing waste and energy costs
  • Accurate line performance measurement
  • Rapid detection of causes of line losses
  • Better line visibility
  • Increasing real production by reducing line downtime
  • Connecting to the business system
  • Reducing human error with making decisions based on real data
  • Increasing OEE lines
  • Reducing operating costs