Carnex d.o.o. Vrbas: CIP system (Clean-in-Place)


  • System obsolescence and installation
  • High maintenance costs
  • Long system flushing time
  • The courts in which the consumer is kept could not stand for a long time due to the non-sealing of the vessels
  • High consumption of dishwashing solution
  • The consumer’s transport system was performed manually


  • Automation and control of cleaning average
  • Installation of the dosing system
  • Vessels made of stainless-steel class 300 (304,316)
  • Transport and storage of consumer goods between two storage containers
  • Mixing solution for cleaning vessels, pump, and transport system


  • Possibility to control water / detergent solution
  • Save time and labour in transporting consumers and cleaning dishes
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Savings on cleaning solution
  • Reduction of cleaning time