Knjaz Miloš AD: Delivery, installation, and commissioning of a new CIP unit


  • The need to increase the stock of mineral water
  • The need to expand the capabilities of the CIP
  • Request to design a new CIP
  • Construction of new tanks
  • Automation of CIP unit operation


  • Preparation of technical documentation
  • Design, production, and installation of tanks for: alkaline and acid medium and water of 5000l each
  • Design, production, and installation of skid construction with the necessary pipelines and all accompanying elements: valves, steam fittings, dosing pumps, circulating pump, control cabinet, terminals-connections for the “Schwenk ???” board
  • Making a CIP control cabinet
  • Development of PLC and HMI software
  • Procurement, delivery, and installation of cable racks
  • Procurement, delivery, installation, and connection of pneumatic hoses for valve supply
  • Procurement, delivery, installation and connection of signal, energy, and communication cables
  • Checking the functionality of pipelines and tanks with hydrotest
  • Flushing of pipelines and dishes
  • Commissioning


  • New CIP unit that allows the expansion of mineral water storage
  • Built-in equipment from renowned world manufacturers that ensures continuous operation without failures
  • Technical support provided for the entire operation of the CIP unit
  • Optimization of the operation of the complete CIP through modifications to the operation of other CIP systems