Pivara Skopje AD: System for monitoring of back tanks and the corresponding CIP


  • The need of the client to have a detailed insight into the utilization of lying tanks
  • The need for client to measure the temperature and pressure of beer in tanks
  • Inability to generate quality aging reports with the existing system
  • The need for automatic CIP control of light tanks


  • Central control cabinet installation with S7-300 Siemens PLC
  • Installation of distributed cabinets for the purpose of collecting signals from lying tanks and CIP
  • Installation of a central SCADA system
  • Development of PLC, HMI, and SCADA software
  • Preparation of beer aging reports
  • Commissioning


  • Reduction of scrap due to improper aging
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Better product quality
  • Better visibility of aging on tanks and work orders